At present, public art does not manifest itself so much as sculpture and architectural decoration, it can rather be seen toying with and exposing the production mechanisms of public space and the image of the city. While some artists are searching for the traces left by production, others have presented alternative models or intervened in the processes of image production itself. The project site-seeing is intended to search for and identify the strategies used in the marketing, control and commercialization of cities as well as their exploitation for the tourist industry. In this sense, the term site-seeing refers to examining spaces, analyzing important and/or historic landmarks and researching the images of cities. This investigation of visual urban codes, which are visible to the public, shaping, characterizing, marking, manifesting and staging the public space, determines the artistic and curatorial research field. Art projects will take on the formats of field research, commentary, intervention and scientific analysis. Site-seeing is intended to be a scientific and artistic mode of observation: sight-seeing as site-seeing.

Margit Czenki
<Modestrecke Wien> 2002, clothes
Harun Farocki
<Die Schöpfer der Einkaufswelten> 2001, video, 72 min
Andreas Fogarasi
<culturepark> 2002, Installation
Wiebke Grösch and
Frank Metzger
<nach olympia> 2000 - 2003, installation
Lisa Holzer and
David Jourdan
<The World Is Yours> 2002, mixed media – with the friendly support of the Institut Français de Vienne
David Jourdan
<634> 2002, videoinstallation, DVD, Loop
Elsebeth Jørgensen
and Sofie Thorsen
<Der Tourist> 2002, installation
Dorit Margreiter
<I Like L.A. and L.A. too> 2001, 2 DVDs: 2:30 min, loop/18 min, loop, installation, photography, Courtesy: Galerie Krobath Wimmer, Vienna
Pia Rönicke
<Camouflaging History> 2001, DVD, 3 min, <Storyboard for a City> 2001, DVD, 5:30 min
Sean Snyder
<Southfork Dallas in Hermes Land, Slobozia, Romania> 2001, 5 Photographs, 2 DVDs: 3 min/3:40 min, 2 models of architecture, Courtesy: Galerie Neu, Berlin
Alexander Timtschenko
<Venice I> 1999, Ilfochrome, <Caesars, Caesars, Caesars> 1997, Ilfochrome,
<Paris> 1999, Ilfochrome, Courtesy: Walter Storms Galerie, Munich

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