site-seeing: the disneyfication of cities?

The publication site-seeing: disneyfication of cities seeks to contribute to the discourse on urbanism; it has been conceived to examine issues relating to the process and visual phenomena subsumed under the Disneyfication of cities. The basic assumption underlying this project is that our perception and ideas about cities are constituted and infiltrated by such areas as tourism, fashion, film and television. Issues of urbanism can no longer remain a topic relating to conventional architecture alone. In the light of this expanded point-of-view site-seeing. The Disneyfication of Cities? will examine the current changes affecting urban spaces, analyzing them from the scientific and artistic angles. Cities are being transformed into theme parks in which urban props are re-deployed according to the criteria of commerce and the tourist industry. The entertainment and leisure industries, the media and service providers advertise, ”mediatize” or “disneyfy” public spaces, thus shaping the way in which we perceive cities. Modern Western cities increasingly come to resemble theme parks, shopping malls and Disneylands.

The publication as one part of the exhibition project entitled site-seeing: disneyfication of cities? (Künstlerhaus in Vienna 2002/3) documents the lecture series as well as the artistic projects and interventions.

The publication includes essays by: Frank Roost, Siegfried Mattl, Jochen Becker, Regina Bittner, Klaus Ronneberger, John Urry, Jonathan Faiers und Marie-Luise Angerer, Office for Cognitive Urbanism (Andreas Spiegl und Christian Teckert).

Edited by the Künstlerhaus in Vienna, Co-editors Sønke Gau and Katharina Schlieben
Published by b_books in Berlin, October 2003

ISBN: 3-933557-42-9
Price: 16,00 EUR

The publication is available in Germany and Switzerland through the publishing house b_books and in Austria through the Künstlerhaus in Vienna.

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