Artistic activities in the künstlerhaus and a series of artistic projects directly concerning urban space take on the form of field research, city tours, commentaries, and interventions. Site-seeing is regarded as an observation mode: sight-seeing as site-seeing. The Künstlerhaus, situated on the periphery of Vienna’s historic city center, is a prime location for such an endeavor. Vienna becomes a case study in some artistic activities and the backdrop of this exhibition project.

Pia Lanzinger
<Playstation Vienna. Erobere Schritt für Schritt die Erlebniswelten dieser Stadt> 2002, Guided Tour, Installation
Christoph Schäfer
<Revolution Non Stop> 2000, Non stop Filminstallation, 20 min, Installation inside and outside of the Künstlerhaus Cinema
Zoe Walker
<Portable Paradise 1 and 2> 1997 bis 2002, Photographs in lightboxes

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